Rules and Etiquette

The Following Are Prohibited

  • 1. Any actions that will distract the players or obstruct the Organising Committee (OC)’s running of the competition
  • 2. Any actions that may disturb other spectators
  • 3. The following are banned within the premises:
    ・Glass bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages (plastic bottles are permitted)
    ・Dangerous materials including, but not restricted to, sharp objects (e.g. scissors) and flammable items (e.g. fireworks)
  • 4. Entering the field of play (FOP)
  • 5. Throwing items onto the field of play (FOP)
  • 6. Any actions aside from those stated above that may be considered dangerous or disturbing
  • 7. The sale or promotion of any products without the prior consent of the OC
  • 8. Any political or religious activity
  • 9. The waving of flags/banners etc. at your seat (with the exception of items within 40cm×100cm that only include supportive comments and/or players’ names)
  • 10. Any video recording of matches (including using a video camera/mobile phone etc.)
  • 11. Flash photography. Please make sure the flash is turned off before taking pictures
  • 12. Taking photographs using a tripod/monopod or any other item that fixes the camera
  • 13. The use of electrical plugs within the premises
  • 14. Smoking anywhere other than the designated areas
  • 15. Disobeying the instructions of the OC

Please understand and acknowledge the following matters

  • 1. If any of the prohibited activities above or requests from the OC are disobeyed you will be asked to leave the premises (no refunds will be provided)
  • 2. The OC will not be held responsible for any theft, burglary, accidents etc. that occur within the premises
  • 3. Official media may use video footage or photographs taken of spectators during the competition
  • 4. You may be asked to present your ID to the OC and/or consent to baggage and body checks for illegal items
  • 5. There are no restrictions to using whistles, drums, or stick balloons, but you must cease your activities if the referee decides they are causing a distraction to the players
  • 6. If you are observing a match on the 1st floor, please do not wear any clothes that may cause a distraction to the players (i.e. bright white, fluorescent, or sparkly/glittery garments)

Japan Table Tennis Association (JTTA)

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